Enjoy SETA recorded training in a friendly, home-style environment. Training Courses Open courses are attended by individuals wishing to develop their skills, by new employees to organizations as part of their induction programme and by delegates

  MaXsimise Control Solutions SA markets, supports and provides NQF recorded training on a number of Software tool selected to benefit small as well as large organizations in controlling and improving their businesses. Q-Pulse, Compliance and

  MindGenius, Computer Aided Thinking MindGenius introduces an alternative way of working that challenges existing techniques and is guaranteed to develop the productivity, agility and self-belief of individuals, teams and organisations. It

Safety and Quality Management Systems (SMS and QMS) have long been recognised as effective ways in which aviation organisations can enhance safety levels, ensure operational efficiency and dramatically reduce the cost of incidents and accidents. Th

Global competition drives most industries today and, to succeed, organisations must continually search for ways of being more competitive and achieve higher quality while trying to keep costs low. For organisations, ISO 9001 compliance has the potent

Achieving Regulatory Compliance – Life Sciences Quality Management and Regulatory Compliance are core business processes within the Life Sciences environment, with the FDA, the MHRA and the EMEA requiring that products, services and processe

Quality Management – Healthcare Improving quality whilst controlling costs is a challenge for all NHS organisations.