Update your Q-Pulse Version 4 to Version 5 now

Q-Pulse Version 4

We are conscious that your organization is still using Q-Pulse version 4 while version 5 has been available for some time now. Your organization may be still using version 4 because you were not aware of the advantages of version 5 or version 4 is still working for you and the need to update has not yet arisen. We wish to encourage you to update to version 5 before you suddenly find you have to.

Why update to Version 5?

  • No more updates are being issued for version 4, so should a problem develop it may not be able to
    be fixed.
  • Your hardware and Software may in future be updated to a point that version 4 will no longer work
    (version 4 is a 32 bit application and will not work on 64 bit technology).
  • Version 5 has many new features that don’t exist in version 4

Updating to Q-Pulse Version 5

With a valid annual Maintenance Warranty you are entitled to the version 5 update package free of charge.Your IT professionals can then perform the installation for you and by request, the version 4 Data MigrationTool will be made available to you for your IT professionals to perform the migration. Alternatively, you may want us to assist with the installation and data migration because the resources are not available.

What happens next?

A brief description of the process is: Installation, Data Migration, Configure/Customise, Training,

Configuring and Customising Q-Pulse Version 5

Version 5 is a Microsoft Certified Software and is much more configurable and customisable than version 4, so we recommend it is set up to operate the way you want it to, ready for the implementation. You can
accomplish this yourselves once trained; however we can also assist in the implementation by performing
this customisation and configuration for you to your requirements, in order for this to be completed quickly.

Q-Pulse Version 5 Training Courses

Version 5 is a new product when compared to version 4 and is best implemented by preparing the users for the differences. We offer a range of courses on each module and would like to discuss which courses will best assist you in the transition to version 5 and how we can assist.

Let’s get started

We will call you to discuss the process of updating to Q-Pulse version 5 and how we can assist you in its

Should you wish to contact The MaXsimsie Team sooner, please do not hesitate. Tel: (+27) 11 452 2045
Email:  .