Offline Audit


Q-Pulse Offline Audit is an extension of the Q-Pulse compliance management solution, resolving the process pains of preparing, performing and reporting audits.

It is an extension of the Q-Pulse “perform an audit” functionality, enabling auditors to perform key activities when not connected to their Q-Pulse. Auditors can complete checklists and record document findings while on-site at the point of need.

The application provides organisations with the ability to perform and record associated audit tasks both internally – where ‘Wi-Fi’ is not available – or across external, multiple divisions and suppliers with or no access to the Q-Pulse client.

Q-Pulse Offline Audit shortens the time between the execution of auditing tasks and the reporting of findings, focussing on the essentials in preparing, performing and reporting an audit.

How could Q-Pulse Offline Audit help me?

Q-Pulse Offline Audit offers:

The benefits of the “Audit” module without the need for a live Q-Pulse connection

Audit checklists can be downloaded prior to the audit onto a laptop where findings can be raised offline before being uploaded back into the database during the next possible connection to Q-Pulse. The result is an easy and efficient auditing process.

Streamlined and focussed auditing

The accuracy of audit findings is increased as they are recorded at the time of discovery while duplication of effort when re-keying audit data is removed. Auditors need only upload their documented findings once instead of previously having to re-type their information back into Q-Pulse, cutting down on auditor’s workloads and resulting admin.

Ability to record audits at the “point of need”

Auditing at the “point of need” improves the legitimacy of an audit as information is being fed into the audit checklists immediately, on-site. Time spent between the execution of an audit and the actual reporting of findings is reduced.

Simple multi-site and multi-supplier auditing

As auditors or auditing teams can be taken out of their administrative bases, multi-site and multi-supplier organisations can be audited simply and easily anywhere in the world. Auditors can complete any number of audits on their laptop, before uploading them at the same time quickly and easily during their next Q-Pulse connection.

Cost-effective auditing

Time, effort and costs spent managing the audit processes are reduced, accelerating the time to completion for corrective and preventative actions.