Hosted Quality Management Solution


A Hosted Quality Management System (QMS) differs from a traditional on-premise solution, as the setup and management of servers, installation and configuration of the QMS and ongoing maintenance, support and upgrades are taken care of by the service provider and not by your own IT staff. Servers are rented, negating the need to purchase expensive IT equipment and the cost for the purchase of the QMS, server rental, support and maintenance is rolled up into a fixed quarterly payment which can be spread over a period of three years.

A hosted QMS solution is ideal if your organisation has:

  • A small, overworked IT department or no IT resource at all
  • No budget for large capital expenditure on systems or IT equipment
  • The need for a quick implementation of an electronic quality management system

Q-Pulse Hosted is the answer

A Q-Pulse Hosted solution is a remotely hosted version of our market-leading QMS solution,
Q-Pulse, offering all of the functionality of our on-premise version without the drain on IT resources and initial capital expenditure usually required to setup and administer an electronic QMS solution. Whether you need to plan and implement a new QMS system or want to switch from an existing system, Q-Pulse Hosted can meet your compliance needs.

Your organisation's data is stored on our highly secure servers and our highly-skilled and experienced team handle your implementation, ongoing support and future upgrades.

Choosing a hosted solution allows your organisation to focus on the compliance issues that your organisation faces, leaving the technical aspects of the project to our technical experts.

A Q-Pulse Hosted solution offers your organisation:

The full benefits of Q-Pulse
Q-Pulse offers a solution to manage the complete range of compliance-related activities making it easier for organisations to achieve and maintain compliance.

A QMS system with minimal IT involvement
The system is deployed and maintained by Gael, reducing the burden on your IT department.

No capital expenditure for the purchase of IT equipment and software
The hire of servers, purchase of Q-Pulse, configuration, training and support are rolled up into a fixed quarterly payment over an agreed period of time.

Comprehensive back-up of critical data and disaster recovery
Your QMS system data is regularly backed-up and securely stored off-site meaning that in the event of a “disaster”, the recovery of data is quick and easy.

Data stored securely on an ISO27001 and N3 environment
QMS data is maintained and secured in accordance with the ISO 27001 information security standard, making it suitable for use in government departments and the NHS N3 network.

Monitoring and maintenance of your QMS by Gael’s Technical team
Gael’s Technical experts will monitor performance of system and network infrastructure, maintaining application performance.