Q-Pulse Version 5.9 - 2012-06-24

We’re delighted to announce that Q-Pulse 5.9 is now available. Stay up to date and take advantage of the latest enhancements by upgrading to the latest version.... more

Update your Q-Pulse Version 4 to Version 5 now - 2011-11-03

Q-Pulse Version 4 We are conscious that your organization is still using Q-Pulse version 4 while version 5 has been available for some time now. Your organization may be still using version 4 because you were not aware of the advantages of version 5 or version 4 is still working for you and the need to update has not yet arisen. We wish to encou... more

Offline Audit - 2010-12-23

  Q-Pulse Offline Audit is an extension of the Q-Pulse compliance management solution, resolving the process pains of preparing, performing and reporting audits. It is an extension of the Q-Pulse “perform an audit” functionality, enabling auditors to perform key activities when not connected to their Q-Pulse. Auditors can complete checkl... more

Hosted Quality Management Solution - 2010-12-23

  A Hosted Quality Management System (QMS) differs from a traditional on-premise solution, as the setup and management of servers, installation and configuration of the QMS and ongoing maintenance, support and upgrades are taken care of by the service provider and not by your own IT staff. Servers are rented, negating the need to purchase exp... more