To enable individuals and organizations alike to reach their Potential, improve management Systems and uplift Resources so contributing to the improvement of overall quality standards within Southern Africa.



MaXsimise Control Solutions SA (Pty) Ltd is committed to provide Professional services to our clients and colleagues alike. To be Resourceful and at all times to conduct our business with the utmost Integrity and Dedication, ensuring Excellence in everything we do.


MaXsimise Control Solutions SA (Pty) Ltd forms both short and long term partnerships with organisations wishing to develop continual improvement programmes, realize their potential, improve customer satisfaction, operate an effective management system and develop their resources.

Being committed to providing the formula for success we aim to MAXSIMISE your potential, MAXSIMISE your systems and MAXSIMISE your resource by developing a programme to suit your needs and provide direction, training, skills and support to achieve the results identified.



Operating for the Head Office in Johannesburg, MaXsimise Control Solutions SA hold open courses in the major regions of South Africa and provide in-house training nationally and internationally.


Typically, once a partnership has been established around the needs of the organisation, an assessment of the existing resources, systems and potential provides the baseline for the system development and the training requirements. Full use of the Internationally recognised market leading Record Management Software, Q-Pulse brings benefits in system development, implementation, document control, incident management, record analysis and continual improvement. MaXsimise Control Solutions provide full training services and support for the Software throughout Southern Africa.

Once the skills development and training requirements have been identified the programme for completion is either managed or monitored by MaXsimise Control Solutions to completion, supplying the skills not able to be provided from the existing resource of the organisation.