MindGenius, Computer Aided Thinking

MindGenius introduces an alternative way of working that challenges existing techniques and is guaranteed to develop the productivity, agility and self-belief of individuals, teams and organisations.
It encourages you to think something through before developing any level of detail. Its visual overview stimulates your thought process by harnessing your knowledge, information and experience, which lets you develop content and review progress as you go.

Why MindGenius? 

MindGenius is business mind mapping software that will help you to get your ideas out of your head, gain clear understanding on what needs to be done, and be able to action it successfully.

MindGenius is used by more than 600,000 users worldwide in organisations large and small, across all industry sectors.

Contact MaXsimise Control Solutions SA to find out:

  • How quickly and easily ideas can be captured

  • Our unique map explorer without which, maps in other products quickly become difficult to navigate

  • Our business aligned categories, analysis and task management functionality, which will allow you to build understanding on your ideas, and add priorities, actions and resources to your map

  • Our integrated Gantt view which offers extensive project management capability within MindGenius

  • How easy it is to share your outcomes, ideas and plans with colleagues with comprehensive exporting functionality to a wide range of standard desktop applications, including MS PowerPoint, Excel, Word, Project, and Adobe PDF.