Global competition drives most industries today and, to succeed, organisations must continually search for ways of being more competitive and achieve higher quality while trying to keep costs low. For organisations, ISO 9001 compliance has the potential to deliver such advantages and can be the difference that increases customer confidence and differentiates you from the competition.

Unfortunately, however, many organisations choose to implement and maintain ISO 9001 systems in an inefficient and ineffective manner, using a selection of paper records, spreadsheets and internal databases to maintain their Quality Management System. This results in a bureaucratic management system that is poorly received by employees and seldom results in the business benefits it was meant to attain.

Quality Management System ? Q-Pulse

Smart organisations are now turning to electronic Quality Management Systems (eQMS) to reduce the time, effort and money that is spent on achieving ISO 9001 compliance. More importantly, when implemented correctly, the eQMS will deliver significant improvement in your people, processes and ultimately your business performance.